year 1988

"Enriching lives of expatriate women."

Women married to expatriates assigned to work in Taipei have not remained an idle lot in recent years. Many of them have made use of their stay in a foreign land not only to learn new things and make new friends but also to serve the community.
A group of American ladies actually pioneered in forming an English-speaking, service-oriented club 38 years ago. While encouraging cultural exchanges with the women of the host country, they who represented a different culture succeeded in giving meaning to their temporary stay in Taiwan.
The Taipei International Women's Club (TIWC) started with but a handful of members. With women of different nationalities coming and going through the years, the club has managed nonetheless to recruit members whose talents in many areas have contributed to the success of the program of activities each year.
The women at the helm of TIWC have exhibited leadership qualities instrumental in uniting the members to work for their mutual benefit and the interest of the less fortunate sector of society.

Social services

In the area of social services, the TIWC has surpassed many similar organizations in many foreign capitals in achievements. The TIWC spends an average of NTS1.2 million to NTS1.6 million each year to carry out its charitable objective.
Major fund-raising projects have made possible the purchase of a 24-seat bus for the Eden Welfare Foundation for the Handicapped, an auto-refractometer for the Taipei Medical College Hospital's Eye Clinic, a digital ultrasound scanner for the Tien Medical Center and an ambulance for the Ai Ai Nursing Home.
Club funds have been spent to help defray the medical bills of the needy. The members of the social services committee investigate first the individual cases brought to the club's attention. The committee sometimes approaches pharmaceutical companies for assistance.
The TIWC has purchased expensive medicines for children suffering from acute lymphoblas-tic leukemia. Elderly patients have been provided wheelchairs. Senior citizens in a local nursing home have also benefitted from the TIWC donation of blankets.
The TIWC members do not devote themselves only to charitable activities. The women also seek personal growth by attending a wide range of classes. Many of the homemakers take time out to improve their culinary skills. The cooking classes offered by the TIWC bring the mastery of international cuisines within the reach of the members.

TIWC hobby classes

The lessons in various arts and crafts provide the members opportunities to engage in creative exercises like quilt making, gift wrapping and pottery design. The Chinese painting classes hardly ever have a shortage of eager learners. To accommodate the increasing number of students, the TIWC has tried to open as many classes in this field as possible.
The TIWC members can also learn to play bridge for pastime. Computer classes have also been offered. The bookworms can join the book discussion group. Those with a yen for picking up foreign languages have also been accommodated by the TIWC.
Educational lectures on Chinese culture have been organized to satisfy the interest and curiosity of the foreign community on various subjects.

Scholarship program

The club also has a foundation that gives scholarship grants. At present, the TIWC is supporting 24 scholars.
To promote the study of the English language, the TIWC has set up the Dr. Lilian Chao Education Found, named after TIWC's most active charter member and Taipei 's best-known English language teacher has financed the English Speech Contest held in April annually.
The Lily Chow Fund of the TIWC has supported handicapped students since 1982.
For cultural exchanges, the members can turn to the different tea groups that meet regularly Chinese, Dutch, English, French German, Indian, Japanese and Spanish tea groups gather regularly to participate in cultura adventures under the guidance of the different Taipei-based foreign nationals. During the regular meetings, members do not just sip tea. They discover the colorful traditions of different countries.
Mary Toyochi Hsieh, the new TIWC president, has been one of the most active members in recent years. Her involvement in organizing the different activities in recent years will now come i handy as she takes over the leadership of the club. As TIWC head, she will leave shortly for Grand Rapids, Michigan, to rep resent the club at the annual meeting of the General Federational
The other talented members of the new TIWC executive board are Jane Dimitrios, Marge Harms, Regina Chen, Marge Morris, Claire Tang, Shirley Lee, Jacqui Adams Sandy Williams, Betty Porter am Lydia Chen.

Dr. Lilian Chao, shown with Dorothy Lin and Mary Hsieh, explains the auspicious Chinese New Year symbols during the February meeting of the Taipei International Women's Club.

Janet Dimitrios examines
 a lion's head.

From left: Lydia Chen, Marge Morris, Claire Tang, Shirley Lee, Jacqui Adams, Marge Harms, Sandy Williams, Betty Porter, Regina Chen, Janet Dimitrios (first vice-president) and Mary Toyochi Hsieh (president) make up the TIWC executive board for 1988 to 1989.




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